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Young man allegedly racially abused while on campus for 3 days in a row

“Imagine being racially profiled while on the campus of your school for 3 days in a row. That’s what has happened to This young brother at Oakland University (Detroit/Auburn hills) after being accosted by the police and being forced to show his ID only to then be accused of it being a Fake ID. Even after proving that he was in fact a student and who he said he was there was no apology or remorse for the way in which they had profiled him. In the video, one of the officers pulls out a taser and the other tells the students to “calm down.”

Imagine being touched by a strange person, accused of lying, having your personal space invaded, being racially profiled at a school you pay to attend and being told to “calm down”… HOW?! How would someone experiencing that be calm? When the student who was frustrated said that he was suing the school the officers did not express remorse for being wrong but instead replied to him “Do it!” Flippantly.

Oakland University is the Second largest university in the Detroit Metro area.”

Watch the video below:


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