“You will get shot, I promise”-Wiz Khalifa says if you walk on his stage and slap him

Wiz Khalifa recently had a show and wanted to let fans know what would happen if they attempted to do anything like Will Smith did to Chris Rock. 

In a video that is currently circulating on Twitter the Taylor Gang rapper can be heard saying, “Thank y’all for coming out. If anybody tries to walk up here and slap me, you will get shot. I promise, I’m just letting you know right now.“

Following the viral moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock a lot of celebrities have spoke out to give their opinion on who they felt was in the right or in the wrong. As we previously reported, Rock refused to press charges, although the Academy has agreed to open a formal investigation of the incident.

The academy is set to make a decision today to see what the consequences of Will’s actions will be. 

Which caused another debate on social media, some fans feel like his Oscar will get snatched away from him while others feel he will be banned from next year’s show. 


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