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Woman with child in car rams multiple people and police while trying to avoid arrest in Georgia

The Peach County Sheriff’s Office’s booking report says Hibbert is charged with 6 counts of Aggravated assault, and Sheriff Deese says that more charges will be added after warrants are signed.

Friday, a woman was arrested after an incident involving reckless driving that involved several witnesses and officers being hit as well as several police vehicles.

The Byron Police Department says the incident started when officers were given a look out on a SUV that was driving recklessly on GA Highway 42 coming into town. The caller said the vehicle was driving into the other lane and almost hitting oncoming traffic.

When the vehicle got to the intersection of Highway 42 and Highway 49, witnesses blocked the vehicle in– Byron PD arrived and attempted to talk to the driver. The driver was uncooperative, and wouldn’t respond to commands, and after several minutes she backed into a car stopped behind her, then pulled forward– hitting a Byron Police Officer and a police car– then backed up and pulled forward again, this time hitting 2 witnesses and another police car. She drove over stop sticks that Byron Police had placed in case she drove off, and went north on Highway 49 with one flat tire- from the stop sticks.

Officers attempted to block the car, which led to her backing into a 3rd police car, and driving forward, hitting another car for the second time, causing serious damage. She then drove further down Highway 49 until Byron Police were able to block her in and take her into custody.

The driver was identified as Sierra Hibbert of Warner Robins. She also had a small child with her that wasn’t hurt in the incident. No officers or citizens were seriously hurt, according to BPD.

The Peach County Sheriff’s Office assisted, and is now handling the investigation and criminal charges against Hibbert.

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