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Woman reveals she goes to expensive restaurants and tricks random men into paying her bill (Video)

Woman goes to expensive restaurants to get men to pay her bill

On the various social media apps, there are people doing all kinds of things. Regardless, it seems like Twitter is where they go when they go viral. Even with Twitter taking a clear step back, as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok taking over, the bird app still dominates. This time, there is a woman tricking men into buying her expensive meals.

Gender roles have often been debated and this goes back to the 1880s. The first true Civil Rights battle came when women were fighting for their right to vote. This did not come to pass until the 1920s. After that, women fought for equality in the workplace. To this day, women are still fighting for equality. Since the 2010s, women are winning more often.

As women push for equality, there are men who point out the hypocrisy. On TikTok, this woman, @merlene., went viral for the game she is running. This woman proudly goes to high priced restaurants and orders the most expensive meal. After that, she begins to search the room for a man that she believes she can trick into buying her meal for her. Pretty much, she sets her sights on a mark so she can eat free. As a result, people are going in on her in the comments.

Watch the video below:
@merlene.d I swear they were talking for like 20 mins. In the end he did pay for my food and bought me a couple rounds of drinks so it was worth breaking my neck 😂 they were totally oblivious #LikeAMonarch also, when you dine alone you have no other option than to look around. I don’t like looking at my phone #solodate ♬ Cumbia Buena – Grupo La Cumbia


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