Woman loses her family members one by one after man she wrongly accused of raping her cursed her

A Nigerian doctor has shared a chilling story of a lady whose family members started passing away after she allegedly wrongly accused a man of raping her.

According to @maxvayshia on Twitter, the girl accused the man of raping her and he said that if he is innocent, in four months time, his accuser would lose her loved ones gradually before taking her own life.

The girl’s father was the first casualty as he died 2 months ago, the next was her mother who died of a brief illness six weeks ago.

The post reads;

”This guy who was “falsely” accused of rape told his accuser 4 months ago that if he is truly innocent, she will lose everyone she cares about before losing her own life. Remained silent ever since.

Her Dad died 2 months ago in an RTA. Mother died of a brief illness 6 weeks ago..

Her only brother is presently in an ICU with his health deteriorating at a fast pace. Elder sister disappeared, yet to be found.

We believe the first 2 were happenstance but with these, I don’t believe in coincidence.”


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