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Woman gets stabbed in the face during fight at Restaurant in Dublin,Ireland

Woman gets stabbed in the face during fight at Restaurant in Dublin,Ireland

A serious incident which saw a young woman stabbed with an implement yesterday morning in a Dublin shop, is being investigated by gardai.

A disturbing video is being circulated online of the incident online. It shows two young women in an extremely violent incident at 3.30am on Tuesday morning.

One young woman, who is small and dressed in black tracksuit bottoms, a short white sweater and black trainers with a white pattern, is seen jabbing towards a much taller young woman.

The smaller woman, wearing a bun atop her head, keeps rapidly jabbing towards the other woman’s face and neck.

The taller woman attempts to defend herself but is unable to stop the blows.

When the violence finally stops, the video clearly shows blood pouring from the taller woman’s face and neck area.

During the violence, a number of witnesses are sitting nearby. One is recording the incident.

A Garda spokesperson said: “Gardaí are investigating an assault that occurred at a retail premises on Dame Street, at approximately 3:30am, Tuesday 20th September 2022. No arrests have been made, investigations are ongoing.”

Watch the video below:



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