Woman demoted as maid of honour after refusing to pay £1,000 to fund pal’s bachelorette party expenses

Woman demoted as maid of honour after refusing to pay £1,000 to fund pal's bachelorette party expenses

A woman was removed from the role as a maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding after she failed to pay for the bachelorette party expenses.

Lauren was supposed to be her friend’s maid of honour but she got demoted when the bride asked for an extravagant hen do that cost more than $1,000 (£830) per head.

She posted a video on TikTok and said: “Being maid of honour and telling the bride you don’t know if you or others can spend $1,000+ on her bachelorette party.

“Got demoted to bridesmaid and uninvited from wedding and blocked on everything!”

She called out her friend for not being realistic and added in the comments: “People see influencers doing these amazing trips and don’t understand they are freaking sponsored and things are paid for!”

In another video, she explained that in her area, they have a wedding tradition that the maid of honour and bridesmaids are “supposed” to cover the expenses at the hen do.

“The point of a bachelorette party is for all of your girlfriends to rally around you and help you to provide the best version of yourself for your husband that you are about to marry,” she continued.

“Social media is what has made wedding events and expectations so high and it’s sad.”

While she’s happy that she was invited to celebrate her friend’s wedding but she made it clear that “my life doesn’t revolve around you or your marriage”.

A lot of people agreed with Laruen and some commented to share their experiences as a bridesmaid or maid of honour.

“I was maid of honour at my friend’s wedding, spent way more than $1k. We don’t talk anymore,” one pointed out.

.Another said: “That is outrageous to expect people to spend that kind of money for being in a wedding. Why don’t more people decline? Seriously.”

“Sounds like my experience… everyone forgets it’s about the wedding and wants the TikTok, Instagram videos and picturess,” a third penned. “The expectation of what a Bachelorette party should.”

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