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Woman catches her husband in bed with her sister just 4 days after their wedding

A woman has revealed that she caught her husband in bed with her sister just 4 days after their wedding.

In an emotional TikTok clip she shared, the woman said the shocking discovery broke her to the point that she stayed in a hotel for a week without bathing or stepping out.

As she returned to work, her husband and her sister came to apologise. She would later block their numbers.

The lady said she also blocked her mum and mother-in-law’s phone numbers because they told her to forgive them.

She said she later moved into her best friend’s house. Fixing the pieces together, the lady noted that little wonder her sister wore a white dress to her wedding. An excerpt from her narration reads:

“I fell apart and got a hotel not bathing or going anywhere for a week.

“When I got to work, they were both there apologizing. I asked if my brother-in-law was really my four-year-old nephew’s dad and they began stuttering.

“I blocked both of their numbers and our moms too for telling me to forgive them. I moved into my best friend’s guest house and started doing only fans to save and move across the country.”

Watch the video below:


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