Drama as wife invites husband’s side chic over to the house only to beat and deal with her – Video

A video at our disposal has the moment an unknown wife called up her husband’s girlfriend to come over to her house only for her to beat her up.

From what we have gathered, the wife realized that her husband has been cheating on her and after confronting him, he denied the truth.

To prove him wrong, the wife waited for her husband to sleep and picked the girl’s number on his phone.

The wife called the girlfriend the next day when her husband has gone to work and when the lady arrived, she got the surprise of her life.

At first, the lady did not know she was going to meet the wife of her boyfriend until she got to the point where she could not turn back to save her life.

When she arrived, the wife first asked her if she has anything to do with her husband but the lady denied it.

This provoked the wife and she jumped on the lady to give her the beatings of her life.


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