Why I Left My Boyfriend After He Asked Me To Buy PS5 For Him – Lady Narrates

A Nigerian woman has recounted how her relationship began and ended quickly due to a request her lover made.

The young woman who goes by the name, Oge, claimed that two weeks into their relationship, her boyfriend requested her to buy him a Playstation 5.

She claimed that the man had been bugging her about the pricey game console since he wanted it as a birthday present.

Although she was unable to purchase it for her partner, he constantly reminded her by sending her tweets, videos, and photographs of other ladies giving their partners PS5 consoles.

Oge stated that she was compelled to disappear because she did not imagine herself being able to afford a PS5, which sells for hundreds of thousands of naira.

She wrote: “Remember This Guy I Tried Dating And Two Weeks In, Baba Casually Asked Me To Get Him A Ps5 For His Birthday, From Casually, It Turned To Harassment, He Reminds Me Everyday, Sends Me Random Ps5 Pictures, Tweets And Videos Of Women Buying It For Their Men.

Omo, I Vanished. Still Wondering Why He Thought I Had That Kind Of Money 😩 More Than Half A Million Naira? Ah!”


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