Why do girls behave like this, I don’t understand – Man seeks advice

“There’s this girl, I have been dating for about 6 months now. And there is something I noticed about her which I always try to ignore.

But recently, I have been having a lot of thoughts about it. Okay, every week I give her money either when she comes to my house or she will call telling me that she have issues that needs money.

The problem now is that her phone got bad and she needs about 4k to fix it, she called and told me about it. I told her I don’t have money that the little I have I want to use start a small business. But eversince, I told her, I won’t be giving her that I’m trying to sort out myself.

She has refuse picking my calls. So I wanted to know if it is a norms to be giving your girl friend money every week or whenever she has problem or I should let her be?”


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  1. No, this is not a girls’ trait. That person is simply using you for her financial needs, or luxuries, if you will. Word of advice, don’t start the business you’re about to start, since you cannot simply analyze and figure out what to do when people are using you. Of course you can ask for money from your partner, but if they refuse to provide you financial aid, then by no means should you ghost them, this shows nothing but selfishness. And next time, look for a girl who helps you grow, both financially and personally. There is nothing wrong in providing support to your partner, but if that is the only base of your relationship then you might want to change that, and this is true for almost all relationships in one’s life. Date someone in whom you see potential, if you truly want to grow.

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