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Why is Bhadie Kelly trending on TikTok?

Why is Bhadie Kelly trending on TikTok?

A TikToker/TikTok star identified as Bhadie Kelly has dominated trends on the social media platform for the past few days.

Videos of the TikTok influencer has gone viral due to her beauty and huge backside.

Bhadie Kelly first went viral with a video where she was seen rocking a light brown and multi-coloured dress as she twerked to a hot tune.

Her followers particularly male followers gushed over her beauty and curvature as they reposted her videos making her amass more followers.

Some have created a challenge with Bhadie Kelly’s TikTok videos.

Bhadie Kelly prior to her stardom had 356k but she has now garnered 681.1k followers on TikTok.

What is Bhadie Kelly’s Official TikTok Handle?

Bhadie Kelly’s official Tiktok handle is Bhadie.Kellyy.

Is Bhadie Kelly on Instagram?

Although Bhafie Kelly is on Instagram, she is not too active on the social media app.

Her Instagram handle is slayy.kellyy.

Where does Bhadie Kelly Come From?

Bhadie Kelly is from Togo which makes her a Togolese.

Watch some of Bhadie Kelly’s videos below:


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