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Who is Nana Agradaa? Age,husbandchildren,arrest,education,church

Who is Nana Agradaa? Age,husbandchildren,arrest,education,church

Nana Agradaa, whose real name is Patricia Asiedu, is no stranger to controversy. She is one of those evangelists who allege that they have the power to perform miracles.

But, if you thought that is what has made her dominate airwaves for the wrong reasons, then you know nothing about her past.

She used to be a fetish priestess and spiritualist, which is a stark contrast to her life now as a pastor.

A spiritualist like Nana Agradaa is a person who is feared and is often associated with evil spirits.

There may be doubts as to whether a person can have such powers, but it is the mystery that people fear most.

However, nothing stops people from going to such people when they seek riches or even when they want their enemies destroyed.

Nana Agradaa’s Profile Summary

Real Name: Patricia Asiedu

Nick Name: Nana Agradaa

Place of Birth: Ghana

Gender: Female

Nationality: Ghanaian

Ethnicity: African

Sexuality: Straight

Religion: Christianity formerly Traditional

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Eric Oduro Koranteng

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Son: Clinton Oduro

Profession: Evangelist former Spiritualist/Fetish Priestess

University: Rapha University College

Who is Nana Agradaa?

She is a former fetish priestess and spiritualist. Where is Nana Agradaa from? She was born in Ghana, but details regarding her birth, education, and upbringing have not been revealed to the public. Her real name is Patricia Asiedu.

Patricia got awarded the Honorary Doctorate by the Rapha University College in 2015. She earned it due to her numerous humanitarian and philanthropic contributions.

Fetish priestess and spiritualist

Nana derived her fame from the practice of Sika Gari. She advertised the fetish practice on television, claiming to be a spiritualist who could double business money.

She would ask interested persons to visit her shrine to have instant riches through the help of a fetish called Sika Gari. The shrine was in Sowutuom in Ga- Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

Those who thought this to be a legitimate business were shocked when Nana was labelled as a fraudster and a cheat. She had been tricking the public while the truth is that she is no priestess.

Moreover, most of her messages used the Akan language, a local Ghanaian dialect.

Owner of two TV stations

To reach a larger audience, Nana opened her television stations. She is the owner of Ice1 TV and Thunder TV.

Unfortunately, these TV stations were shut down because they were operating without a license and because she was using them to defraud innocent and unsuspecting citizens.

Nana Agradaa’s arrest and charges

The career of Nana as a fetish priestess and spiritualist came tumbling down on the 21st of April, 2021, when she was arrested.

In a joint operation with the National Communications Authority, officers from the National Security Intelligence Operatives busted her for advertising money, doubling content, operating without licenses and defrauding people of their money.

After the arrest, she was charged in a court of law for contravening section 110 of the Electronic transaction Act 2008, act 772. She was found guilty of charges bordering on Charlatanic advertisement (Sika Gari), an offence in Ghanaian law. Nana Agradaa’s court case ended in a conviction, and she was fined GHc36,000 or a 3-year jail term.

However, she paid the fine and avoided jail time.

Evangelism career

The former fetish priestess and spiritualist is now an evangelist. After being caught up with the law, she got born again and converted to Christianity.

She held a press conference after her conviction to give the good news. She is now known as evangelist Patricia Oduro Korateng after being baptized by Pastor Joseph Kwadwo Kyereh of the Trusted Word Ministries.

Her new life began by inviting pastors to confiscate her fetish shrine with news headlines confirming that Agradaa burnt her gods.

The objects she used in her spiritualist were burnt to ashes. This signified her new rebirth as a woman of God.

Who is Nana Agradaa’s husband?

Nana is a married woman and also a mother. Agradaa’s husband is an evangelist. Her name is Mr Eric Oduro Korantenga. He is the one who baptized her when she left her past life behind.

The couple started dating when Nana was 16. However, they separated when Nana became a priestess while Eric chose to become a man of God.

They got back years later and exchanged vows despite their differing beliefs. Nana Agradaa and Mr Eric Oduro Korantenga are blessed with a son named Clinton Oduro Ocli.

They also welcomed a beautiful daughter named Rhina, who passed away when she was two years old.

There were allegations that Nana Agradaa’s daughter was sacrificed for money by her mother.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Nana Agradaa? She was a fetish priestess and spiritualist but quit the practice after being arrested and became an evangelist.

2. Who is Okomfo Agradaa? It is another name for Nana Agradaa. Her birth name is Patricia Asiedu.

3. At what age did Nana Agradaa start dating her husband? Agradaa was 16 years old when she started dating her husband, but it was not until years later that they got married.

4. Is Agradaa’s husband a pastor? Yes; he is an evangelist.

5. When did Okomfo’s daughter die? Agradaa’s daughter and second child died when she was two years old.

6. How many TV stations does Patricia Asiedu own? Currently, she doesn’t have a single TV station. However, she previously owned two TV stations, Ice1 TV and Thunder TV, but they were shut down when she was arrested.


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