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“Who is a celebrity?”-COP Kofi Boakye slams celebrities who demanded for special treatment for their status

COP Kofi Boakye slammed so-called celebrities for demanding for special treatment for their status at the just held IGP Dampare meeting with the celebrities.

“I want to say that the sense of entitlement of celebrities is becoming overwhelming. And I just don’t get it. Some of the things that you do are disgusting, truth be told. If we cannot arrest pickpockets, we cannot arrest armed robbers. No one is above the law. When you fault it, and the law has to deal with you, we will. So, that it will deter others.

“If you want privileges, what privileges do you want? That you can pull a weapon anytime, and nothing would be done to you? No, that is not possible. We cannot do that.”

Who is a celebrity? What is the operational definition of the word celebrity? I think we should get that because I am confused. We are confused. Is it that when you appear in one film, or you do one song, you qualify to be called a celebrity or what? And you see, because we are confused, we do not know what you want.” COP Kofi Boakye disclosed.


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