No white man will die for a black man, the bible is a scam – Deep-rooted Christian man says as he denounces Christianity and burns his bible – Video

A deep-rooted Nigerian Christian man who seemed to have gotten tired of the Christian religion has denounced it in a serious but hilarious way.

The man was seen standing in his compound breaking things down to mere mortal’s understanding.

Not only did he just denounce the religion, the man identified as Matthias also denounced his Christian name for a local one, tore the bible into pieces and burnt it live on camera.

While doing all this, he was pissed and was heard narrating how the Blacks got deceived by the whites that our local gods are useless and powerless.

He explained that no white man will sacrifice his life to save the black, hence stating boldly that the bible is a scam.

The man also emphasized how the Africans used to serve their local gods and do things base on their culture and style.

He also made mentioned how the whites enslaved our fathers after diluting their mindset that worldly things are not worth dying for.

Watch the video below;


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