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Viral video captures Magician performing magic tricks with two iPhones

A viral video that captures Magician Bryan Sanders performing magic tricks with two iPhones was shared on Instagram.

Magician Bryan Sanders is known for delivering jaw-dropping magic tricks that never fail to fascinate people. And his recent Instagram video is proof.

The short video shows Bryan Sanders performing magic tricks with two iPhones, and his mind-boggling performance is sure to leave you stunned.

The video opens to show Bryan collecting two ‘sevens’ from one iPhone and dropping them on the other.

It also captures him typing in a random number and then clearing it in the nick of time and making it reappear on another iPhone.

“Making magic happen on two iPhones,” read the caption posted alongside the video on Instagram with several hashtags, including #MAGICisBS and #magictrick.

Watch the video below:


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