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Two men trade blows after dispute over missing food at family poolside vacation

Two men, sporting dad bods while apparently on vacation, got into an embarrassing scuffle poolside that was caught on camera recently and posted to social media.

The pugilists can be seen jawing at each other and trading blows at an unknown family resort as kids and other hotel guests, many in the pool, witness the spirited brawl.

At one point the man in grey patterned trunks almost falls into the pool following a shove by the man in green trunks.

“Bring it on,” the man in the grey trunks said as he regained his balance and just before he avoided a big right hook.

At one point the man in green trunks tells his counterpart to stop, to which the grey trunks fighter accuses him of starting the scuffle.

“You came after me you m—–f—–r,” he said.

The video later shows the green trunks foe, who appeared younger, get his older opponent on ground from a left hook before he starts wailing on his rival by landing several blows to the head.

Eventually, both men ended up on the ground and begin wrestling each other before a bystander in a black cap cuts in to break the fight up.

One woman can be heard telling the two to knock it off, yelling “enough!”

The man who broke up the brawl pleaded with the two, “please just go, please just go.”

It is not clear where the brawl took place, although one of the men seems to be speaking in a southern accent.

The footage was shared on Twitter where it quickly went viral, before a string of memes inspired by the fight followed.

Watch the video below;


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