Top 3 Marketing Blogs in Ghana

Top 3 Marketing Blogs in Ghana

Marketing is the soul of a business’ sustainability. In Ghana, there are limited informational marketing resources available to businesses. Even though there are thousands of blogs in the country today, most of them are news blogs and entertainment blogs.

However, there seems to be a new wave among bloggers in the country. Currently, a new dawn of marketing and business blogs are springing up in the nation.

In this article, we bring to you a list of the top 3 Marketing blogs in Ghana, which would help to grow your business tremendously.

Please stick with us as we take you on this journey through the world of marketing blogs in Ghana.

  1. is one of the best marketing blogs in Ghana currently. The term ‘Sidekick’ started as a story of a man with just 1,000 cedis and a dream.

The dream was to start a new website focused on helping upcoming brands to become thriving businesses. So, with just 1,000 cedis, Jeffrey Opoku started

He has led his able team to produce marketing content for Ghanaian businesses and to impact the youth with entrepreneurial knowledge through investments in startups and the creation of meaningful job ideas.

Sidekick specializes in health and fitness marketing and healthcare marketing. is a blog that offers the best of digital advertising and marketing information and tips to flourishing businesses in and around Africa. With a team of digital marketers and Search Engine Optimization professionals who have acquired skills and experiences from International institutions, your business is assured of contents that will boost sales.

SeoGhana helps businesses to understand the impact of Search Engine Optimization on local companies. They provide strategic approaches to make businesses thrive in brand credibility.

Their content is mostly focused around SEO and Organic traffic means for website growth and outgrowing competitors.


Ghana is not just one of the top 5 Marketing blogs in Ghana but it is the ultimate marketing focussed blog in Ghana presently.

Just like there are many news sites in Ghana, Ghanamarketer deals solely in marketing news, articles and tips.

The vision of is to promote new businesses, startups, and investments, and this goal, they achieve by providing thoroughly researched and helpful content to the general public.

The idea is to create Ghana’s first solely marketing-based platform without disrupting the view of readers with boring ads as seen on other websites.

On the Ghana website, you’d find categories of information needed for any business, no matter the level. Some of the articles on the platform include legal issues, business tips, marketing strategies, business ideas, marketing opportunities in Ghana and how to venture into newer spaces globally.

To keep readers aptly updated and informed about current trends in the economic sector, there are minute-by-minute stock price update and cryptocurrency price updates on the homepage of the site.


Marketing in Ghana is gradually becoming very competitive as more and more businesses and individuals are understanding the importance of marketing on their businesses.

Although these top 3  marketing blogs have different visions and strategies to achieve them, they seem to have three things in common.

Firstly, they are reliable. This reliability is shown through the extra miles these blogs are willing to go to offer some value to their readers.

Secondly, they are highly efficient. Their efficiency has been and is still proven by their reliability that is showcased with quite a strong Goodwill.

Finally, they provide well-researched and thought-provoking contents.

It’s been long overdue for websites and blogs in Ghana to start focussing on marketing and the business development niche since more and more businesses and startups are springing up in the country.

Hopefully, these 3 blogs discussed above will lead the pack for the next years to come and provide quality education and services to all Ghanaians looking to grow their businesses.

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