Tom Cruise ‘splits from Mission Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell after dating a year’

Tom Cruise has reportedly split from his Mission Impossible co-star lover Hayley Atwell.

The pair have broken up after a year dating during filming for the new sequel.

The Hollywood actor, 59, and the British star 39, have decided to call it quits, which is the latest incident on the set of the blockbuster.

The movie has been stalled by a string of delays and disasters that include several Covid delays.

According to sources, the lovers were said to be on the rocks for a while despite being spotted at a number of high-profile events including Wimbledon.

The stars have reportedly now decided to be just “friends” just as the seventh Mission Impossible film comes to a close.

A film insider told The Sun that filming has been a very intense period of time for the couple.

They told the publication: “They really got on well – and they’re obviously both very good-looking Hollywood stars so it made for a good match.

They continued: “Their filming schedules are very full-on, and Tom has a number of other commitments coming up and is always shooting around by private helicopter and jet so it just ran its course.

“But they’re still happy to work together. It’s a shame, but just one of those things. They still get on well.”

Hayley was the first known partner of the Top Gun actor since his marriage to his ex-wife actress Katie Holmes.

The former husband and wife split in 2021 and share a daughter called Suri who is now 15-years-old.

Tom is also father to Isabella Cruise who is now 28-years-old, and the daughter of mum Nicole Kidman.

The breakup comes a few weeks after Tom reportedly lost thousands of pounds worth of luggage after car thieves took off with his bodyguard’s £100,000 BMW.

The 59-year-old is said to have be “hopping mad” when he learned of the theft.

According to The Sun, the robbers used a scanner to clone the signal from the car’s keyless ignition fob as it was parked outside a Birmingham hotel just a two-minute walk from West Midlands Police HQ.

The high-tech theft allowed for the gang to make a clean getaway right under the noses of the elite security team, within mere minutes after intercepting the fob signal.


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