The Best 7 Sites for Health Advice and Workout Videos

The gym can be a great way to get fit and stay healthy, but it can be a little pricey. What’s more, a lot of us are so busy these days that it’s hard to even find time for the gym.

So, if you’re having a hard time finding a way to keep healthy, give online workouts a try, where you can find great workout routines free of charge.

Here are seven of the best health and fitness websites we’ve found, so you can avoid the clutter of the options.

1. CrossFit

crossfit workout page screenshot

You may have heard of CrossFit before. It’s been a pretty popular health and fitness brand for some years now. And, what’s more, you can find some great home workouts on the CrossFit website.

These workouts are suitable for both men and women and range from intense sprints to dumbbell sets, to squat sessions. Regardless of which specific muscle or body part you want to work on, CrossFit will have the right workout for you.

Keep in mind that these workouts are pretty high intensity, and so they might not be right for you if you’re dealing with an injury or other movement-related issue.

2. Fitness Blender

fitness blender screenshot

Fitness Blender is a super useful health and wellness website for all genders, with a huge array of workout videos available for free. While some of these videos may require equipment such as weights, you certainly don’t need these in all cases.

The platform offers a range of cardio and muscle workouts that only require you and a little floor space! Fitness Blender also has a great section for those looking to eat a little healthier, too.

You can learn all about nutrition, including healthy eating tips, mistakes to avoid, and how to treat physical issues, such as menstrual pain, sleeping problems, or PCOS. On top of this, you can find some delicious recipes to keep you nourished on your fitness journey.

Here, you can find recipes for all dietary needs, including pescetarian, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes. You can even find some amazing drinks, snacks, and desserts to keep your tummy satisfied while keeping healthy.

3. Sweaty Betty


sweaty betty workout page screenshot

Sweaty Betty is an awesome online resource for women, but worry not, you can try these workouts regardless of your gender.

This website offers a huge range of free workout videos, including HIIT, agility, and body weight workouts. There are even workout videos available for pregnancy.

On top of this, Sweaty Betty offers a number of different yoga videos, including Vinyasa and morning yoga classes. This is great for those days where you want to work up a sweat without getting your heart rate too high.

You can also check out Sweaty Betty’s shop, where you can find workout leggings, hoodies, sports bras, and more.

4. Polar Blog

polar blog home workouts screenshot

Polar Blog offers an array of useful workout videos free of charge. You can even find workout programs for a more long-term plan.

The workouts offered by Polar Blog can suit any fitness goal, offering HIIT, low impact, kettlebell workouts, and so much more. You can even find stretching routines to carry out before or after your workouts.

But Polar Blog doesn’t just stop at workout videos. This site also offers some great resources for learning all about fitness trends, sleep, heart rate, exercising during pregnancy, and more. It’s truly a great place to read up on health while keeping yourself fit.

5. Blogilates

blogilates workout page screenshot

You may have come across the Blogilates YouTube channel before, but did you know there was also a website for this great workout resource?

On this website, you can find a huge selection of workout videos from Cassey Ho, fitness instructor, YouTuber, and creator of Blogilates. There really is no limit to the kinds of workouts you can do on the Blogilates website. There’s a video for every muscle and every body part.

You can work on your core, glutes, arms, quads, and more with Cassey’s videos, all of which are totally free of charge. Cassey also does collaboration videos with other fitness enthusiasts and influencers, so you might even find another one that you love.

On top of this, the Blogilates website also offers several fitness challenges you can get involved in to up your motivation and get some real results. You can also check out the Blogilates printables, which offer fitness calendars and fitness planners that you can stick on your fridge or keep in a fitness folder.

6. Mind Body Green

mindbodygreen workout page screenshot

On the Mind Body Green website, you can find a range of great health and wellness resources, including some awesome workout videos.

Thanks to the site’s ‘Movement’ section, you can choose from a list of free workout tips and tricks to try, including yoga poses, low-impact cardio, outdoor exercise, and more.

The Mind Body Green website also offers some incredible healthy recipes, both savory and sweet, for any appetite. Here, you can find recipes for tacos, pizza, and even cookies. Healthy really doesn’t have to be boring.

You can also check out the site’s mindfulness section, where you can learn all about the concept of mindfulness, as well as how to incorporate it into your daily life.

Lastly, Mind Body Green has a useful ‘Health’ section, where you can learn about sleep, gut health, blood sugar, supplements, and so much more. It’s truly a great site to touch upon all the points of health and fitness.

7. Men’s Health

mens health workouts screenshot

You’ve probably seen a Men’s Health magazine before. Well, Men’s Health also has its own website that offers some super useful workout videos to get your fitness in check. Choose from bicep, cardio, bench press, and leg workouts to get yourself fit and toned for free, from home.

The Men’s Health website also has a great section for all things nutrition, where you can learn about probiotics, veganism, celebrity diets, and more. You can also find some delicious healthy recipes that’ll satisfy your taste buds while keeping your body happy.

On top of this, you can find meal plans for lean muscle, the best protein sources, and the best ways to upgrade your breakfast. It really is an all-in-one health and fitness resource.

Getting Fit Doesn’t Have to be Inconvenient or Costly

While it may be the norm to head to the gym or a fitness class to get yourself in shape or stay healthy, this definitely doesn’t have to be the case.

With the internet, it’s easy to find free workout videos, recipes, and nutrition or health tips to keep your body in check without wasting time or breaking the bank.


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