I asked my sick husband to allow me cheat since his thing is now weak – Wife

A wife in Kumasi has made a humble appeal to his husband who has been sick and bedridden for years and cannot perform his manly duties.

According to the lady, she would like to cheat since her husband is sick and cannot function like before.

Their marriage has produced 5 kids with the eldest in the University but in recent years the husband has been down with stroke which has affected his organ.

According to the woman, after letting her mother know of this idea, the mother advised her to discuss it with the husband.

The wife says she told her husband “Agya Yaw, we’ve been married for a very long time with 5 children. With your sickness you aren’t able to perform, let’s continue to stay as husband and wife but please permit me to have a romantic relationship in case I find a new man”

Agya Yaw refused the wife’s plea and told her point-blank that if she’s not willing to stay faithful to him, she can quit the marriage.

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