Should I get my husband arrested or forgive him-Woman asks after discovering that her husband has been sleeping and f!ngering their 11 and 7 years old daughters

A married woman who has been married for 12 years now is asking whether she should forgive her husband or get him arrested.

According to the woman’s post she sent to Timakumkum on the late-night chat show on Hitz FM, she has 3 kids with her husband 2 girls and a boy.

She said their first daughter who is 11 years told her that, her father has been sleeping with her and f!ngering  her and to make matters worst their second daughter who is 7 years old told her that she has also been fingered by her father.

She further revealed that her husband admitted to it after she confronted him.

Read the woman’s full post below:

“Hello Tima , I’ve been married for 12 years with 3 kids, our first girl is 11 years , second girl is 7 years and 3rd boy is 3years , a month ago my first daughter started bleeding for two weeks, initially I thought it was her first menstraution so I didn’t really pay much attention to it but made sure to guide her until just 3 days ago she confided in me and told me her father my husband had sex with her and that resulted into her bleeding but even prior to that she said he’s been fingerling her for couple of years now , Tima the one that made me weak is that he even fingers our second daughter too and has warned them not to tell anyone or else they will die , Tima what in God’s name will make my husband do that to our girls ? I just couldn’t contain my emotions ,that moment I wanted to die but I waited for my husband to return from work and confronted him, only for him to start crying and pleading with me to forgive him but it’s the work of the devil , Tima as I’m writing this I’m so confused because my daughters are devastated, I feel I’ve failed them if I don’t take any action against their father , Tima this is beyond me , I don’t know if I should forgive him so we can all live as one family or report him to family or police , I’m just not myself , please what do I do ? I’m so so confused hhmmm .

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