Shocking as homeless couple who cannot control their libidos chop themselves on a street — Video 

A homeless couple who cannot control their libidos has spotted chøpping themselves at a roadside in a broad daylight while thousands are passing by.

Just when officials thought they’ve seen it all, this said couple has swept us all off our feet with their crazy sex styles at a roadside.

Even though many are doubting the credibility of the video, it was taken in one of the European countries where sex in a plane area is said to be a norm.

The couple, believed to be homeless was seen chopping themselves in the full glare of the public.

In the video, their belongings could be spotted beside them on the floor, indicating that they’ve been ejected from their rented apartment.

Motorists using the road could not take their eyes off as they slowed down to have a feel of what they were doing.

Watch the video below;

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