Shocking! Doctor finds spider living inside woman’s ear

A doctor was shocked when he discovered that a blockage inside a woman’s ear was actually a spider that had decided to set up a camp in her ear canal.

The woman from China, named Yi, went to the hospital after experiencing discomfort in her ear and hearing a strange noise. She was outdoors in the evening the previous day when she first noticed the problem.

Yi decided to visit the doctor when the itching became unbearable, assuming that she had an infection.

However, the doctor checked her ear to find a spider crawling around “on the surface of the tympanic membrane” of her ear. When a camera was placed inside her ear, the creepy-crawly came towards the lens, making it look much bigger in size.

The spider had stayed a WHOLE NIGHT inside the woman’s ear.

The doctor was able to remove the spider using an electric otoscope, a device used by doctors to look inside people’s ears.

The incident was reported from Zhuzhou, in southern China’s Hunan Province.

In 2019, another Chinese man, who had complained of an itchy ear, found out there was a live spider living inside his ear that was also building a nest by weaving cobweb. The man was experiencing a  “crawling sensation” and constant itching in his right ear for a prolonged period.

When the doctors used a microscope to view the insides of his ear, they were shocked to discover a grey spider crawling inside the man’s ear canal. The spider which had been living inside his ear for quite a while was removed. The man did not sustain any injuries.


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