Rev Obofour introduced Brother Sammy into gold business and later sent his boys to rob and take the car he bought for him – Manasseh reveals why Brother Sammy no longer walks with Obofour

Manasseh The World Changer who’s now bent on exposing the evil deeds of Ghanaian pastors has made a shocking revelation about Rev Obofour and Brother Sammy.

According to him, Brother Sammy and Rev Obofour’s relationship has broken down totally because Rev Obofour has robbed the musician secretly.

Manasseh revealed that after Rev Obofour dashed Brother Sammy a car and has established a good relationship with him, he introduced him into gold business which Brother Sammy first turned down the idea.

Manasseh said Rev Obofour kept pressing Brother Sammy till he finally agreed to try his luck in the business.

However, things went rough for him as Rev Obofour sent his boys secretly to meet and rob him at a gunpoint somewhere in Obuasi where he had first gone to buy the gold and was returning to Accra according to Manasseh.

Manasseh added that Brother Sammy had gone for a loan for the gold business but Rev Obofour shut his dream even though he was the one who encouraged him to start the business.

As if that wasn’t enough, Manasseh said Obofour also tried convincing Brother Sammy to sell his house but after the gospel musician has found out that Obofour is a wicked man, he stayed away from him.


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