Prophet Kumchacha reveals tricks some pastors use to spot beautiful girls at their churches

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The leader and founder of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Kumchacha born Nicholas Osei has exposed the tricks some pastors devise to spot beautiful girls at their churches.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Kingdom Plus FM, Prophet Kumchacha said some single pastors who are desperately looking for love use smart ways to spot beautiful girls of their choice in their churches.

He cited that during prayer sessions in Churches where all the congregants have close their eyes,  Pastors who mostly stand in front of the congregants look through church members and spot the lady that befits their taste and preferences.

According to him, it is ‘normal’ for single pastors to look for beautiful ladies in their churches to marry.

Prophet Kumchacha was quick to add that such tactics can lead to a pastor marrying the wrong woman ending up causing problems in the marriage.

Prophet Kumchacha stated some pastors are more interested in the physical appearance of women than other pivotal attributes.

He cited Brother Sammy’s issue as a perfect example as he stated that the gospel singer considered only the beauty of his wife and that is a big mistake he made; the reason he is currently having issues in his marriage.

Watch the video below:


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