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Premature baby given one day to live makes it to 1st birthday

Edinburgh, Scotland: Hector, a premature baby who was given just one day to live, beat his death date to celebrate his first birthday earlier this month in the UK.

Marie Claire Tully, of Edinburgh, gave birth to her son dubbed the “miracle baby” prematurely at just 23 weeks at the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People, BBC reported.

Hector, born on November 12, 2021, had to spend the first 259 days of his life in hospital owing to complications arising from his prematurity.

He has hydrocephalus, a condition in which excessive spinal fluid buildup in the skull leads to brain swelling.
Doctors say the baby also has chronic lung disease, retinopathy, centralised sleep apnoea and has to be given nutrition through a feeding tube.

A pandemic baby

Having been born while Covid-19 restrictions were still in place, Hector was in isolation for the first 40 hours of his life. Marie Claire, and his father, Angus, were not allowed to visit their son who was kept in an incubator.
“I saw him when he was born and gave him a kiss and then he was wrapped in plastic to keep him warm and rushed to the resuscitation department,” Marie told BBC Scotland.
“I was heartbroken that we couldn’t be with him in those crucial early moments.”
It wasn’t until April this year that the baby could be discharged from the hospital.
15 operations and 25 emergency room visits later, Hector continues to fight and light up his family’s faces.
Pippa Johnston, director of Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, told BBC that the hospital has asked Marie and Angus to switch on Christmas lights on Sunday to celebrate the special occasion.
“Sadly the reality is that some families have to be in hospital over Christmas. “While we can’t take away their pain, we can deliver happiness,” he said.
“Together with the NHS [National Health Service], we work hard to make sure families like Hector’s don’t miss out on the magic of the festive season.”


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