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Plus-size influencer Bo Berry with huge backside explains how she avoids paying for two plane seats

A plus-size influencer divided TikTok after she explained how she books flights last minute to get out of paying for an additional seat on a plane to fit her wide bum.

Bo Berry, who describes herself as ‘body positive’ on Instagram, posted the first of a series of videos where she explains what it is like travelling as a woman of her size and shape.

In the video, which gained more than 82,000 likes, she explained: “The standard aeroplane seat in the United States is 17 inches, some are bigger, some are smaller.

“If you want to know for sure how wide a seat is you can go to and look up any airline, any craft and it will tell you exactly how wide the seats are.

“Measure your butt! Sit down and measure how wide you are when you’re sitting because you spread out a little when you sit, at least I do.

“If you’re less than 17 inches – sweet, you don’t need a second seat.

“If you’re wider than that you’re gonna need something, but you might not have to pay for a second seat.”

She went on to explain the options which included travelling with someone slim, who won’t take up all of their seats so that you can share with them.

The plus-size influencer also recommended calling the airline to find out how busy the flight is if you’re booking last minute, as you may not need to pay for a second seat.

However, if you’re booking in advance, she said: “If you don’t know how busy the flight is gonna be, you’re gonna want to reserve that second seat somehow.

“Different airlines have different policies for this, some make it easier than others.”

She claimed that South West airlines were her favourite for travelling because they have the best policy.

TikTok users were left divided over the video as some viewers found the information helpful, whereas others thought she should do something about her size if it’s affecting her life that much.

One user agreed: “Southwest gives you the comfortable seat next to your seat for FREE.

Watch the video below:


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