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People say this dress is inappropriate for work, but it’s not my fault that I’m just ‘too thick’-Curvy woman says

A woman has shared a work outfit that some claim is inappropriate for work.

Lexxy clarified in the comment section that she “made this video as a potential POV, nobody complained about my dress at work.”

Regardless, many were quick to defend her and offer advice.

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“That’s discrimination!,” one person commented.

“File a complaint,” another suggested.

“They sexualizing you, file a report they shouldn’t even be looking at you like that,” said another.

“It saddens me that young ladies entering in the workforce still have to go through this,” someone else wrote.

“i always dread dressing up for work cus of this reason,” another chimed in.

“looks professional and if a skinny person was wearin it they would say nothing,” another said.

Watch the video below:

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