Pastor sets church member’s house on fire after stealing ¢40K from her 

Kenneth Mensah, a pastor with Mega Word Chapel International, is accused of setting fire to the home of one of his congregants after stealing $40,000 from the victim.

According to JOY FM, Rosemond Amoafo, the victim, was reportedly planning to travel to the United Kingdom when she was attacked by the suspect.

Joana Asare, the victim’s daughter, described the incident, saying the cleric had become a friend to the family due to his frequent visits to their home to spiritually prepare her for the trip.

She told journalists that Rosemond had discussed her plans to travel extensively with her extended family, and they had pledged to support her by agreeing to sell a store that they owned.

Joana claims that 40,000 was raised and given to Rosemond to help her on her journey.

Rosemond, on the other hand, informed her pastor, Kenneth Mensah, about it.

The pastor then persuaded Rosemond that her senior sister, Rebecca Amoafo, is a witch.

He later told her that she needed spiritual guidance on the money given to her by the family, or she would not be able to reach her destination [UK].

On January 10, Pastor Mensah went to Rosemond’s house in Kwesibokro, an Asankragua suburb, and slept over.

On Tuesday, the suspect asked her to recite certain words written on the money and also gave her a drink.

Joana Asare stated that her mother fell asleep after taking the potion.

The suspect is thought to have taken advantage of the situation to steal Rosemond’s 40,000.

He is also said to have locked the door and set fire to the house.

The victim, however, survived thanks to the National Fire Service’s prompt intervention.

Meanwhile, Asankragua Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Nana Kumi stated that the suspect is on the run.

He also stated that the police will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to apprehend the suspect.

We have made his pictures and the name of the church public and are asking people to assist us in apprehending him,” he said.

The Officer also warned Asankragua residents to be wary of pastors due to their deceptive nature.

“If you suspect any foul means by a pastor, report it to the nearest Police station,” he added.

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