Pastor arrested for flogging his ushers and members with cane – Video

A Ugandan Pastor, Kinto Dennis has been arrested after a video emerged of him beating up congregants with a cane.

The Empowerment City Church (ECC) Pastor was reportedly arrested for many charges, including assault.

In a disturbing video that went viral, Pastor Dennis can be seen standing at the pulpit, holding a long whip.

He called the congregants one by one and ordered them to lie down. He then unleashed a thorough strike to the back or buttocks of each congregant.

It was alleged that he flogged his congregants in the East African country where corporal punishment has been outlawed, for incompetence and late-coming.

Pastor Dennis has already been charged with 18 counts of common assault, causing bodily harm, assault, promoting sectarianism and human trafficking.

The court heard that the pastor assaulted one Kevin Mugisa for abuse of power of rituals. At the same time, Doreen Aganyira and James Mugisa were respectively kept for extortion purposes and harmful rituals.

Amid his arraignment, some of his congregants are on social media defending him by stating that he was only “flogging his children”.

On Sunday at the service, several worshippers were present, singing songs and others cleaning the compound despite Pastor Kintu’s absence.

It was gathered that journalists who came to film the church were apprehended and beaten up before being ordered to delete their footage.


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