One Year After My Son’s Death, What I Discovered On His Phone Made Me Cry The Last Tears In My Eyes – Heartbroken Mother Cries Out

A heartbroken mother wants to know how to forget about what she discovered on his son’s phone one year after his death because it’s really killing her and all these years she thought her son was a saint.

My husband and I have been married for a very long time but without child.

When I finally got Pregnant and had my own child a Son we were very happy.

Because he was our only child, we make sure he lacks nothing and we provided whatever he asked for.

I returned home from work one evening and I realized Jason was not yet home at time so I sat in the chair watching my favorite program on TV While i Waite for him.

After 1 hour, I got a call that Jason has been shot by unknown men and was rush to the hospital.  I got to the hospital and saw my son screaming mommy please I don’t want to die. The long and short of it is that Jason did not make it alive.

After a whole year of mourning my only child, I decided to go back to my normal live. I went to my son room to clean it cuz it was dusty. I saw his phone at where i kept it when his belongings were given to me at hospital. I tried to on the phone but it was off so I charged it for sometime then on it. I tried different password to unlock the phone but to no avail so decided to tried his favorite football club and then finally I was able to open it.

To my surprise I saw a WhatsApp conversation between him and a young lady, telling her how rich his parents are and if she agrees to date him, he will buy her anything she wants. What really broke my heart most was the naked Photos and videos they always sends to each other. In one video which shows Jason masturbating and in another video the girl was seen fingering herself. They even planned to go somewhere to enjoy themselves and after that he will give her whatever she wants. I couldn’t hold back my tears cuz i never knew Jason was like that. I tot my son was an innocent boy but I was wrong after what I just discovered.

Pls what can I do to forget about what I discovered on my son’s phone?

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