New footage shows Chaka Zulu being jumped by several men before firing his gun and killing one of them

Ludacris’ manager, Chaka Zulu, was arrested for murder in connection with the fatal shooting of a man outside his restaurant.

However, in a turn of events, new video from the incident shows Zulu getting beaten by a group of men before he fired. TMZ obtained the footage and claims the group of men, including Artez Benton, who was killed, arrive to Apt4B, park in the valet area and make their way inside. 10 minutes later, the men leave the restaurant, owned by Zulu, after some sort of dispute.”

During the argument outside, a man named Corey Crawford is seen retrieving something out of a vehicle. A source directly connected to the case tells TMZ, Zulu’s legal team believes Crawford was getting a gun. The fight breaks out. One of Zulu’s female assistants attempts to try to help him but is punched in the face by one of the three men jumping him at the time.

Zulu fires several shots. Benton was hit in the chest … you see him crawl away. He later died from his injuries. Neighbors, do y’all think it was self-defense?


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