My wife of two and half years has refused to sleep with me

A man who is married for two and half years is seeking advice after he claimed his wife has refused to sleep with him during their marriage.

Read his post below,

I grew up with a religious family and a very anti sex mentality, and decided to wait till marriage. After leaving home I have still kept the chaste till marriage mentality cause I have never had a sexual attraction to anyone because of some traumatic experiences. I met my wife and fell for her really fast. She was also the first person I really felt any sort of sexual attraction to in years. After a few years we got married. We didn’t do anything that would be considered super sexual (just making out type stuff) and neither of us really talked about sex as an issue at all while dating. I knew that she had slept with people in the past, and I never had a problem with it because my waiting until marriage was my own personal decision. The day we got married, on our way back from the celebrations she told me she didn’t want to have sex due to being worried about unwanted pregnancy (she said that she had a pregnancy scare once and wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again) I was a little upset, but I also get that it is a scary thing for a female. We have now been married for 2 years and about 6 months into the marriage she said that she was actually asexual and didn’t want to have sex ever. It was obviously a huge shocker for me, seeing as I thought this would have been a good thing to let me know before marriage, but honestly it wasn’t a deal breaker. The problem that has started arising is that I have always been super attracted to her and have had to force myself to keep all forms of sexual attraction suppressed because what else can I do. It also bugs me that she has slept with people before but wont sleep with me, her husband (i know this is not a great mindset, its just one of those pesky thoughts that gets me sometimes). My problem is, I’m now starting to loose that feeling of sexual attraction, and I don’t want to loose that, because do to traumatic experiences in my past this is the first time in years I’ve had sexaul attraction to someone and am still head over heals for her! I just feel like I’m in a no win situation right now and dont know what to do.


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