My husband of 4 years brings me ‘trash’ as gifts – Wife laments bitterly

A disappointed wife wants to know how to deal with her husband of 4 years who literally brings her trash as gifts.

Read her post below,

husband (31m) brings me (32f) literal garbage as gifts

My husband has never bought me gifts. I believe he got me flowers from the discount section one time in 2018. Left the orange $5 tag on it and everything. I politely complained that it hurt my feelings that he doesn’t ever get me any kind of gift that had thought from him. He’s been sweetly bringing me little fun size candiessh from work occasionally as a peace offering I’m assuming. But a few times he has had work dinners and brought me back his half eaten leftovers after saying he would bring me home dinner. He said he “bought me gourmet chocolate” only to open the box and find them half eaten because they were left over from someone else at work. And today he knew I was on my period so he brought me home a cookie. I noticed it was pre-packaged and from a local BBQ joint. I took it and was going to eat it when i realized it had expired quite a while ago. I asked if this had been sitting in the break room for a while? He replied yes. So… He literally brings me trash and other people’s trash as gifts. I’m just deeply offended and it feels like it points to greater levels of disrespect he has towards me.

How would you deal with this one? Or can you commiserate? I literally googled this to see if anyone else has dealt with it but no dice.

TL;DR husband of 4 years gives me literal trash as gifts and how should I deal with it?


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