My girlfriend falls asleep anytime we have s3x-Worried man seeks help

A distraught man has taken to Twitter to seek help concerning his ‘bedmatics’.

According to the man identified as Hotbillz (@cutedeyforyou), his girlfriend sleeps anytime they are having s…x.

He quizzed his followers about what his girlfriend’s behaviour towards their s-xual life mean.

He wrote;

My Girlfriend Fall Asleep While We Are Having Sex. What Does This Mean Guys?”

See reactions below:

“It’s no big deal it happens all the time.”

“You’re her sleeping pill”

“She wasn’t collecting wotowoto, you were just totori-ing her.

Totori her one time…
Totori her two times…..toto
Totori her three times…..tototo”

“A lot
– stressed from overworking
– currently not in the mood
– had a bad day in general
– had sex before yours”

“She’s simply tired my dear! Don’t beat yourself up about it ”

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