My girlfriend constantly threatens to cheat on me after I told her this-Man reveals

A worried man has narrated how his girlfriend has constantly threatened to cheat on him after he told her how his dad cheated on his mom.

Read the full story shared on Reddit below:

“After a month of me and my girlfriend dating I told her about my parents relationship about how my dad cheated on my mom. Ever since then she’ll constantly bring up cheating and always says “idk maybe your gonna cheat on me” or she’ll say “what if I cheat on you” when I confronted her about it she says that she’s just joking and that it’s supposed to be “funny”.

I don’t think anything about cheating or implying cheating is a joke or funny. All it does is just cause problems in a relationship and insecurity for no reason. The last time I confronted her about it she said “I can’t believe you would think I’m this type of person, I just joke about it but I would never be the type of person to actually do it. You don’t trust me!”

To me that makes no sense it just sounds like she is trying to defend herself with whatever came up in her mind at the time. Because if you weren’t that type of person why would you even mention cheating all the time. What is the point of that other than to make me insecure or jealous for what? If your significant other constantly told you that they were going to cheat on you eventually it’ll get into your head and it’ll always be at the back of your mind.

Another thing I don’t understand is why she doesn’t understand where I’m coming from because her biological dad cheated on her mom which is the reason her parents got divorced. I thought she out of everyone would be able to empathize with me. I don’t know what I should do to get my point across.”


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