I killed my mother because of Rev Obofour – Church member shockingly reveals; confesses to how Obofour helped her to carry out the operation

A female church member identified as Christy has confessed to how Rev Obofour who she now refers to as a fake pastor lured and deceived her to kill her mother when her mother had done nothing.

According to Christy in WhatsApp voice notes to Manasseh The World, a young guy who’s heavily exposing the evil deeds of modern-day pastors, she went to Rev Obofour’s church to seek help about her marital problems but turned out to be a different story.

Christy said Obofour told her that her mother is behind her predicament.

Knowing very well that her mother wouldn’t do such a thing, Christy said she doubted Rev Obofour but he successfully convinced and gave her a direction to prove that what he has said is nothing but the truth.

To cut long story short, the lady said after carrying out the direction, her mother died, a sign that indeed proved to her that what Obofour said about her mother is nothing but the truth.

However, after the spirit of her mother was conjured and was quizzed who was behind her death, the lady said the spirit of her mother said Rev Obofour killed her just to fulfill his prophecy to her daughter and to make the world believe that he’s indeed from God.

After realizing that her mother isn’t a witch, Christy in the voice note begged Manasseh The World Changer to help her tell the rest of the world that Obofour is a fake prophet.

Listen to the audio below;


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