Moment suspicious lady searched every room thinking her man was hiding a girl

A woman paid a visit to her boyfriend at his home, and was immediately suspicious when she noticed that he had turned on blue light in the living room and bedroom.

She questioned his choice to switch on the blue light, which is intended to create the ideal ambiance for private moments, because she was unaware that it was a practical joke.

The young woman noticed her guy acting suspiciously, so she swiftly switched into a detective mode and searched his room.

The boyfriend put a teddy bear under the sheets of the bed to create the illusion that a person was and laid beside it without clothes on.

On entering the room, she immediately removed the sheets and saw that no one was hiding there.

She moved to the other rooms to also search them for a hiding side chick when she couldn’t find anyone, she became visibly relieved.

Watch the video below;


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