Man who was presumed dead 5 years ago returns home to find out that his wife is remarried

After five years of being in a foreign country, a Nigerian man who had been declared missing returned home to discover his wife is no longer his as she has settled into a new marriage.

A Twitter user, Victor Israel who shared the story said that is the current dilemma his mother’s younger brother is faced with and has thrown the family into confusion.

According to Victor, his mum’s younger sibling had gone missing during one of his boat trips to Cameroon and after a long period of fruitless search for him, he was declared dead.

But quite to the surprise of everyone, he returned home in January 2022.

He was rescued

The returnee told his people that he was rescued. However, he would discover that his wife is no longer his and has no intention of returning to him.

Victor wrote:

“Mum’s younger brother got missing during one of his boat trips to Cameroon. He was declared dead after five years. Miraculously he returned last month, said he was rescued. Thing is, his wife already remarried & she’s saying she can’t leave her new husband. Omo Everybody just confuse.”

The development sparks debate on social media

@Ellepeter commented:

“He was rescued and he didn’t come back there after, except he was in coma for those years he better go back to where he came from and stop bringing confusion.”

@gisthaphy remarked:

“Why didn’t he come back as soon as he got well? Was he expecting the woman to wait for him after 5yrs?


“He should go and remarry and leave her alone biko.”

@Vigho_P opined:

“Why didn’t he come back as soon as he got well? He went missing! Its not his fault. And I don’t think his wife is wrong for her remarriage but I wish she could just take him back, cos obviously for five years, she’d have been the most of what he was thinking about.”

@akin_fm stated:

“But the thing is where was he for that five years? Why returning after five years? The rescue took that long? He lost his memory? He was in coma for five years? He was declared dead because he was missing for long? Or na movie?”


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