Man in shock over the note he found on his car’s windscreen after his side-mirror was knocked off

A man identified as Nifemi Ayodeji took to Instagram to express his shock over a note he found on his car’s windscreen after he met his side-mirror knocked-off.

According to the man, he stumbled upon a damaged side mirror which was kept on his bonnet, full of rage and anger, he proceeded to his car only for his anger to be tamed by a heart-melting note which was dropped by the person responsible for the act.

Man in shock over the note he found on his car's windscreen after his side-mirror was knocked off

He wrote:

“It was to my greatest shock after close of work today about heading home when I found my side mirror on the bonnet . Totally knocked off from it’s hook

As I was still preparing to get ready to chose how I will express my anger , behold I found a letter on my windscreen.

Immediately my rage of anger vanished !! Woow ! What a gentleman man he is . Such a responsible fellow . I said to myself .

If everyone in this country can be this civil and responsible i.

Good governance starts with me and you .

I cudnt help but smile after reading his letter , it was like i recieved a love Letter from my crush .

I sent him a text tonight , and I leant a lot from it too … .

Aim of sharing with you is to learn from it too ..

My reply to him , it may be my turn to offend somone else .tommrw .

A lot of person wondered why I sent this type of reply and wondered if I am a typical Nigeria .

I am o , Infact a conc one .. but think about it , there’s really nothing in this life . Take it easy , forgive easily , move on quickly . And don’t hold on to anything .”

See the post below:

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