Man hides his face with mask at graduation because he’s allegedly scared of witchcraft

A young man has been seen with a face mask at his graduation ceremony with a spiritual story behind his appearance.

A South African blogger, King Don shared a photo of the graduating student and revealed that he wore the mask to hide his face because he is afraid of being bewitched.

He wrote; ”This guy refused to remove his baraclava during graduation because he’s afraid of witchcraft”

Though he did not give any further details about the young lad, the post sparked mixed reactions on Twitter.

Reacting, @PasemSi said; Witchcraft doesn’t exist. It seems education hasn’t opened his eyes. He must go back to “school”.

@_Cpaty; Who’s gonna bewitch him? His fellow students, lecturers, deans or the school’s management?

@SbongzTshabalal; People tend to fear witchcraft more than they fear their Creator. Stop giving witchcraft too much power over your lives and stop doubting God’s power over your lives.

@Blessin49089779; Only he knows what he is going through, the rest of u are sleeping, a wise King this one, may his enemies be humbled before him, may the day come when he is so established and protected that he no longer needs to hide his accomplishments, till then, fight that secret war.


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