Man drinks at 67 pubs in 17 hours to break Guinness World Record

Man drinks at 67 pubs in 17 hours to break Guinness World Record

A British man had a drink at 67 different pubs in a single 24-hour period to break a Guinness World RecordNathan Crimp, 22, broke the record for most pubs visited in 24 hours (individual) by having a beverage at 67 establishments in BrightonEngland, in a remarkable span of just 17 hours.

He successfully took on the record set not-so-long ago by Gareth Murphy—a Welshman—who visited 56 pubs across Cardiff in 17 hours, earlier this year.

Crimp, who was accompanied by his friends throughout his bid for the Guinness World Record title, said he didn’t expect the attempt to be so difficult – even though he wasn’t required to have an alcoholic drink each time.

“It was easily the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he told the Liverpool Echo. “I completely underestimated just how hard it was actually going to be.”

“The plan was to try and keep it sober for the first 25 pubs, but that went out the window 15 pubs in. I had to mix it up a little bit, I tried to drink alcohol in one and non-alcoholic drink in another—trying to space it out,” he explained.

All he had to do was drink a beverage at each pub he visited and collect evidence including receipts and witness signatures, UPI reported.

The 22-year-old’s record-breaking pub crawl included beer, lager and liqueur shots.

“To drink that much liquid in such a short space of time—I must have packed away easily 20 to 30 litres. The hardest part was constantly having to go to the toilet, which took up the majority of the time,” he recalled.


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