Shocking as man who died years ago is spotted at filling station eating from dustbin

The family of John Thame, a man who died decades ago is of a strong conviction that they buried their twenty-eight-year-old family member in 1989 but has sighted him among the living again.

It is said that a man who looks exactly like him was seen at a petrol station eating from dustbins. The man who is thought to be buried thirty-three years ago could no longer be ignored.

It is said that the family has opted to do DNA tests before taking further steps. The news saw hundreds of people gathering outside the family house to witness what has happened.

A witness close to the family informed Daily Sun that the man who is believed to be the dead relative was spotted on many occasions at a filling station along the N1 in Bandelierkop, close to Louis Trichardt, Limpopo.


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