Make-ups are manufactured underworld — Former occultist

An unidentified Ghanaian man who was once an occultist has narrated to what transpires underworld and how make-ups and other things get to the human world.

According to him, during his days in the dark kingdom, he uses to visit the marine world and everything he saw there is just like what he sees in the human world.

He said though we see the sea as mere water, it’s a big Kingdom spiritually where people live and do everything humans do on earth.


He continued that there are buildings, factories, roads, cars, buildings, companies and other things in the marine world just that it’s not seen with the naked eyes.

The occultist added that everything we see in this world are things that are already used underworld.

Citing examples, he said the hair of women and their makeups are all end products from the sea world.

However, he said the only thing that is strange underworld is how the spirit dwellers walk and live.

According to him, the spirits there walks in the air.

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