Louisiana Man attempts to kidnap,murder,eat and dismember man he met on Grindr due to Jeffrey Dahmer fascination

According to a statement released by the Department of Justice, a Louisiana man will be spending 45 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping.

21-year-old Chance Seneca was aiming to become the next Jeffrey Dahmer, using the online dating app, Grindr, to target and murder LGBTQ invididuals. The man who almost became his first victim went by the name H.W.

Seneca arranged to meet with H.W., taking him into an isolated house, cuffing him and threatening him with a gun. He then proceeded trying to kill and dismember H.W. in several ways. The suspect left upon assumption the victim was dead when he in fact was not.

Upon apprehension, Seneca admitted to his fascination being a months-long scheme. “Seneca had also intended to eat and preserve the bodies of his victims, as Dahmer had done.” H.W. spoke up after his near death experience saying “part [of what] I remember is that I reached over to grab something out of my bag. That’s when I felt a cord wrap around my throat and he started pulling me backwards.”

While this case is closed, Seneca still faces a charge of second-degree murder in court.

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