Lady breaks down in tears as she narrates how she found out that her husband is gay

A woman identified as Hannah, has recounted how she lived with her husband for four years and yet did not realize that he was gay.

She disclosed that she never suspected at all, until she recently found out that he had slept with the pastor of their church.

According to Hannah, she had married her husband at an early age who had left their home to minister the word of God in their congregation when they first met.

She recounted the fact that he proposed to her and she was happy to get married to someone who shared the same values with her. She further stated that the first few years of her marriage was filled with so much bliss.

She further narrated how things began to change when she found out that her husband was sending naked images to other men. When she confronted him, he blatantly denied the allegation.

According to her reports, things went really bad to the point that he beat her up whenever she confronted him about a question.

Hannah further recounted that her husband finally came out and told her he was gay but she still loved him, hoping he would change eventually but things got worse as he even proceeded to sleeping with other men on their marriage bed.

From her statement, the day she decided to leave him was the day he beat her up mercilessly up to the point of unconsciousness and she was rushed to the hospital.

She finally recounted that she made the decision to leave her husband and start her life afresh; although it is still difficult for her as she tries to regain herself from the whole trauma of being with her ex-husband.

In her admonition to other young women, she said that:
“Women should avoid toxic marriages at all cost in order to a repeat of this predicament in the future”.


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