Jonathan Dale Crenshaw: Armless Florida man arrested after allegedly stabbing tourist with scissors using his feet

Jonathan Dale Crenshaw, a homeless artist from South Beach, Florida, was arrested on Tuesday,August 16.

Crenshaw was charged with aggravated battery after he alleged stabbed a visiting tourist from Chicago, named Cesar Coronado. According to witnesses, Coronado had asked Crenshaw for some directions, and was suddenly attacked with a pair of scissors being held between Crenshaw’s toes. After the attack, he fled on foot.

Local authorities ended up finding Crenshaw nearby the scene of attack. He told them that he was lying down when a man approached him and punched him in the head. He said that’s what caused him to defend himself. He said he pulled out the scissors from his suitcase with his feet and stabbed the man twice. But, Coronado said he “wouldn’t [attack someone].” Crenshaw is currently being held in jail on $7,500 bond.


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