JK Rowling angers LGBTQ community again after insisting pro-trans men can’t define what a woman is

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling has a strong message for men who think they can define what a woman is on behalf of all women.

The author angered the transgender community in 2020 when she insisted on acknowledging biology and refused to accept men in women’s spaces simply because they consider themselves transgender.

She insisted that biological males cannot claim to be women and this got her hate from the transgender community,  with many campaigning for her to be boycotted.

While a number of pro-trans activists have spoken out against Rowling, one activist recently gained the author’s attention.

Reporter India Willoughby, the U.K.’s “first trans newsreader,” targeted Rowling in a controversial tweet.

“I’m more of a woman than J.K. Rowling ever will be,” Willoughby, a biological male, wrote.

Rowling, a woman, fired back at Willoughby, writing: “Citation needed.”


JK Rowling angers LGBTQ community again after insisting pro-trans men can


Rowling then took to Twitter on Wednesday,  Jan. 25, to insist that men cannot define what a woman is.

She tweeted: “Men defining what a woman is, what women should and shouldn’t fear, what women should and shouldn’t say, what rights women should be fine with giving up and, of course, what constitutes ‘real’ misogyny: get a bloody mirror.”

“That’s real misogyny, looking right back at you,” she added.

JK Rowling angers LGBTQ community again after insisting pro-trans men can

It was the one of Rowling’s latest salvos in a string of tweets that she has fired off against detractors. It’s also the reason that some call Rowling, a vocal feminist activist, a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist).

In 2020, she defended a woman from the UK who lost her job because she opposed the British government’s plans to make gender changes legal.

Also, Rowling is outspokenly critical of Nicola Sturgeon, a Scottish Politician, because she refused to remove a man who goes by Isla Bryson from an all-female prison.

Rowling quote-tweeted a picture of Sturgeon speaking to a young girl while kneeling, writing, “‘Do you agree that a convicted double rapist who decided he was a woman after appearing in court belongs in a women’s prison, or are you a nasty, far right bigot?’”

Rowling believes in protecting women’s spaces, especially from men who have a violent past, leaving her furious about the fact that this male rapist was suddenly allowed to be put in a women’s prison.

Despite the hate she’s relieved, Rowling has stood her ground.

Last year, someone asked her how she sleeps at night knowing she’s lost an audience and she replied, “I read my most recent royalty checks.”

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