Jealous girlfriend sets boyfriend’s house on fire after another woman answers his phone

A jealous girlfriend reportedly set her boyfriend’s house on fire after another woman answered his phone. It turned out that she was his relative.

Senaida Marie Soto, 23, from Texas, thought that her partner was cheating on her and set his sofa on fire at around 2 am on November 20.

“Soto had FaceTimed her boyfriend when another woman answered his phone, who later turned out to be a relative of the boyfriend. She went to the boyfriend’s house, and that is when she lit the couch in the living room on fire,” Bexar County Sheriff’s Office was quoted as saying by Daily Star.

The cops said, “While the house was on fire, video was recorded and it was shown that she lit the couch on fire that spread, causing the home to go up in flames, as well as causing over $75,000 (£62,327.25) in damages worth of damages.”

After allegedly causing a huge fire, Soto FaceTimed her boyfriend to show him what she had done, according to an affidavit.

She reportedly said, “I hope your stuff is going to be ok.”

She also messaged him, “I hope your house is okay,” before leaving his house.
According to a witness, Sota put items from inside the home in her car before setting the fire.

She was arrested on November 21 and charged with burglary habitation and arson.
Her bond is set at $165,000


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